We have embarked on a path that involves awareness and development of an action plan for our guests, staff and shareholders in order to all play our role in being responsible for conservation at all spheres of our work and mitigate any negative impact to the environment.

In this regard, we have taken up the below initiatives as part of our commitments towards the environment and sustainability;

  • Eco friendly straws – We have replaced plastic straws across the group, thereby eliminating the use of 6000 plastic straws that were previously going to land fill as waste after 1 use.
  • Glass water bottles – Guest rooms and restaurants no longer have plastic disposable bottles.
  • Responsible dry and wet waste management – Waste converted into valuable end products such as organic fertilizer.
  • Kitchen waste oil is disposed in a responsible manner – Recycled into Bio Diesel ensuring no contamination to the environment.
  • Solar PV Panels for power generation – We are in the process of installing Solar PV panels to complement our energy use with renewable energy. The project is aiming to start with lodges.

The management committee has been tasked to come up with an environmental policy whereby sustainability will be a key pillar. Special focus will be given to the following areas:

  • Water Management
  • Waste Management
  • Eliminating plastic
  • Optimizing and Conserving energy

Responsible business practices are crucial to the success and longevity of our hotels. As much as there is significant work to be done to make the hospitality industry an economically sustainable sector, every measure, every step taken to reduce the carbon footprint at every level of the industry counts and is, in fact, crucial.

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